No, al-Assad is not the Antichrist and Joel is not a theologian

Joel Richardson has a new theory out… That the leader of Syria is the Antichrist:

Far too many prophecy teachers today have missed the fact that throughout Isaiah, the Antichrist is referred to as “the Assyrian.” Because of the Euro-centric perspective of many modern prophecy teachers, the belief that the Antichrist was known as “the Assyrian” throughout the early church has all been but forgotten.

Wonderful…. Just another way to get Americans all fired up about going into Syria

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10 Replies to “No, al-Assad is not the Antichrist and Joel is not a theologian”

  1. Blast. Must have misread the title on Twitter, I thought you were finally ‘coming out’ as the antichrist.

    Feel a bit defleated now….

  2. oblig

    It is not a “fact” that “throughout Isaiah, the Antichrist is referred to as ‘the Assyrian.'”

    The word “antichrist” does not appear in Isaiah. (Or Revelation, or Daniel, or Ezekiel.)

    “Antichrist” is a collective term used in the letters of John to refer to the generic unbeliever.


  3. Talk about jumping the gun without doing your research. I know for a fact that Joel teaches that the Antichrist will come from Turkey, not Syria. Joel doesn’t need to stir up war against Syria, Obama will take care of that just fine himself.

    1. From a biblical angle, only those who deny that the Son has come is an antichrist. I do not deny the Son has come, therefore, you are a liar.

      Now, notice that the link leads to WND and an article written by…. Joel Richardson. Oh look…

      Yeah, that is right. Facts are facts, something Richardson has none of.

  4. Who is the Antichrist?“forside”

    In these last days, this ought to be a burning question.

    How can a lover of Christ identify him?

    What will he look like?

    How will he behave?

    Where will his headquarters be located?

    Many are studying the Bible trying to find out who the Antichrist will be.

    Has the Antichrist arrived ?

    The “Beast” or the “beast from abyss” is the Antichrist.

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