NLT Thoughts: Bitsy Griffin

Thinks to Bitsy for this submission:

150x200_mosaicWhy do I like the NLT? It’s readable without the hiccups of more literal translations. It feels like a story unfolding before you. Not being a Hebrew or Greek scholar, I can’t tell you how words and phrases line up across the pages. I can’t tell you how accurate every jot and tittle is. What I can tell you is that the plain text has made me do a double take many times. “I didn’t remember that!” or “that seems different somehow” leads me back to other versions like the NASB for comparison. Wording may be different, but intent has always been the same. AND I think the reason some verses stand out more is because they are written plainly and not in a stilted manner.

I don’t have a Mosaic, but I do have a Chronological NLT. If you don’t have one of these, they aren’t very expensive (they come in hardback and paperback), and I love having Scripture from the same period presented together instead of separated by books. Granted, it’s not a good Bible for Sunday morning pastor following because it may take you longer to find the verses used for reference, but it’s great for reading. Just reading. From beginning to end or any section in between.

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