NLT Mosaic: Voices from the Tesserae

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A large part of the appeal of this bible is the large amount of voices which contribute to the Mosaic material. They do this through quotes or themed devotionals. I thought that I would share some with you.

Clement I
Ignatius of Antioch
Polycarp of Smyrna
John Chrysostom
Patrick of Ireland
Yahya ibn ‘Adi
Peter Abelard
John Calvin
John Own
Lorenzo Ruiz
Anna Pak
Che Kam Kong
Pandita Ramabai
William Barclay
Akanu Ibaim
Teresa of the Andes
Lauren F. Winner
Cyril Okorocha

Let me stress that this is a very partial list. The Mosaic is filled with many voices from throughout the centuries (hence the name Mosaic).

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