NLT Mosaic Blog Tour – 10/19

Keith Williams General Editor speaking about the artwork and creativity that went into Holy Bible: Mosaic :

One of my favorite parts of working on this project was selecting the artwork to go with each week. There were several people involved in finding possible pieces, sorting through which ones were particularly good, finding the right week to place them with, and coming up with the final placement to bring the week together.

There were a couple of issues that made this process both difficult and exciting. First, there is really an embarrassment of riches when it comes to excellent Christian artwork—especially when the scope of your search extends throughout the world and over 20 centuries! We found many, many more pieces of meaningful art than we could possibly use; God has certainly blessed his church with an astonishing number of talented artists who use their skills to bring glory to him.

via The Princess & The Monkey: Blog tour of Holy Bible : Mosaic.

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