NLT Mosaic Blog Tour 9/25 – Steps

As part of the blog tour, Keith Williams contributed a post on the Steps blog. Keith is the General Editor of the Mosaic, so his insight is important:

Throughout the process of creating Holy Bible: Mosaic, one issue that I was constantly aware of was the fact that many people who would pick up this Bible and think about using it were people who have not had a lot of exposure to much of the content. I grew up in an independent Bible church where things like the church year, historical theology, and other Christian traditions were not an integral part of my everyday church experience. Every few years the church would have some Advent candles in December, and occasionally a sermon would mention someone like Martin Luther or Augustine, but that was the extent of it. So I am keenly aware of the fact that many things in this Bible are relatively foreign to a lot of evangelical Christians.

Read the rest: Steps: Guest Blog by Keith Williams General Editor of The Mosaic Bible.

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