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Today, September 24th 2009, a date which shall never be forgotten, Rick Mansfield undertook the review of the NLT Mosaic

Long ago, the body of Christ recognized that the Canon of Scripture is closed. Thus, no matter how inspiring a Christian voice can be–such as Martin Luther King Jr. in “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”–we don’t tack that on in our Bibles somewhere after the Book of Revelation. I understand that. But at the same time many contemporary Christians completely miss out on the voices of other believers from the past two millennia since the Bible was written. Often this comes from simply not having an easy way to access them. Read the rest here: This Lamp: Blog/Home.

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5 Replies to “NLT Mosaic Blog Tour 9/24 – This Lamp”

  1. I guess we have to be selective who influences us though. Pope St Pius X wrote:

    “Through the character of Sacred Orders, God willed to ratify that eternal covenant of love, by which He loves His priests above all others; and they are obliged to repay God for this special love with holiness of life… So a cleric should be considered as a man chosen and set apart from the midst of the people, and blessed in a very special way with heavenly gifts—a sharer in divine power, and, to put it briefly, another Christ… ”


    ** For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son. John 3:16 (NIV) **

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