NLT Mosaic Blog Tour – 10/22 – New Leaven

T.C. hosted today’s blog tour stop, with a Q&A session with Keith Williams –

5. What hopes do I have for Mosaic?

Three things I’m hoping to see from Mosaic, apart from the obvious hope that people will be able to connect with God through the Scriptures and have a meaningful devotional experience.

(1) I hope Mosaic will help some evangelicals who don’t know much about the church calendar to take a closer look at it and consider what it could do for their spiritual lives.

(2) I hope Mosaic will help Christians get a glimpse at how wide and how broad and how diverse the entire Church is, and remind them that our unity in Christ is far more basic than our differences in culture and theological expression.

(3) I hope Mosaic will nudge a few people to give the NLT a(nother) chance, and I doubly hope that those who think the NLT isn’t very scholarly will take a close look at the Hebrew/Greek word study system in the cross reference column.

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