NLT Mosaic Blog Tour 10/2 – Taking Thoughts Captive

Fellow Polycarp enthusiast, T.C., host the blog tour today,


As part of the Mosaic blog tour running through the end of November, I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Holy Bible: Mosaic (please check out my review here) and have the added bonus of hosting a Q&A session with David Sanford, who served as the General Editor for Mosaic at Credo Communications and contributed to the meditation for Christmas, week 1.


T.C.:  Tell us a little about yourself–faith background, ministry involvement, writing/publishing involvement, etc.

David Sanford:  I come from a long line of atheists. While I was growing up my father would lecture me: “There are no rules. Don’t obey anyone. Don’t even obey me.” When I decided to become a sold-out follower of Jesus Christ at age 13, however, I discovered my extended family did have a long-standing rule: You can’t be a follower of Jesus Christ. I began to experience my father’s disfavor, anger, and ridicule. My paternal grandparents disowned me. Not quite what I expected, to say the least.

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