NLT Mosaic Blg Tour 10/14 – The Internetmonk

I’m very happy to have Keith Williams, one of the editors of the “Mosaic” Bible (NLT) that I’ve recently promoted here at IM, answering some of your questions about the NLT and the special Mosaic edition.

You can find the entire Mosaic Blog tour schedule here. Check out the various sites and all the questions and answers that have been published. The NLT Mosaic web site is a great resource. (Want a Christian year calendar for your Google Calendar?) You can buy the Mosaic Bible at Amazon. You’ll find all these links and resources behind the clickable ad on the sidebar.

So let’s get down to some of the questions contributed by IM readers for Keith and his answers.

NLT Mosaic Bible Blog Tour/Interview: Mosaic Editor Keith Williams |

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