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Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Keith Williams, general editor of the Holy Bible: Mosaic. Keith has agreed to write this post for me as a stop on the Holy Bible: Mosaic Blog Tour. I have enjoyed getting to know Keith better through emails, twitter, and even meeting him for coffee as he and his wife were travelling through Louisville. Keith was willing to step up and write this post with limited time after an unfortunate timing conflict kept our original guest author from writing (a conflict beyond his control). Truly, Keith is a man dedicated to his work. ;)

Holy Bible: Mosaiccelebrates the diversity of the church in many ways. The collection of art, writings, prayers, and quotes from around the world and throughout the centuries in the Mosaic material highlights this diversity quite noticeably. A lot has been made of the diversity of the content, and it truly is a great feature of Mosaic, but I think the unity of the church amidst this diversity is the more important point….

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Guest Post: Keith Williams on Christian Unity and the Holy Bible:Mosaic « KATAGRAPHAIS.

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