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I Love the Mosaic Approach–You?

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I became a fan of the New Living Translation in 2006 when I used the NLT’s One-Year Bible as my reading program for the year. I found it to be highly readable and, like its predecessor, the Living Bible, refreshing.
Also, I realized that I knew one of the translators, Dr. Joseph E. Coleson, and his comments on the translation boosted my confidence it in its reliability for general study.
MOSAIC is a new edition of the NLT that hit my desk only yesterday. Already I like five things about it.
1. Clear Reading Plan. Mosaic offers a unique Bible reading plan, and I think Christians need more of these. We want to read the Bible but don’t know how to proceed. Here is a clear pathway for engaging Scripture throughout the year.
2. Emphasis on Unity. Mosaic gathers devotional thoughts from around the church and around the world. Reading the Bible alongside these thoughts will expand your view of what the church is and what it is doing in the world. We are one body, friends. One. Church. One. One. One. I think the editors at Tyndale get that.

The author of the blog is senior pastor at Falls Creek Wesleyan Church.

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