Nick calling someone a bully is really ironic

So to Doug Wilson I say: Bully for you! Way to stand your ground. You’ve been in the right all along and you’ve handled things like a scholar and a gentleman. And good for your girls. They were the picture of class. Those who think otherwise need to learn how to read way more gooder.

via Bully for You! | Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.

Nick Norelli, for some reason, loves the neo-Confederate, pro-slavery, anti-women Doug Wilson – going so far as to be a total @$$ to Rachel Held Evans.

A bully? She’s a bully? Oh come on… Did Nick even read the garbage that the Wilsons wrote?

So I guess Rachel and others should have just known their place, kept quite, and did nothing?

Or, when J. Wilson did apologize, Grace was brought forth, and that is condemned as well?

And what is “ladylike?” Yael? Would Nick condemn Yael as well?


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3 Replies to “Nick calling someone a bully is really ironic”

  1. Was just curious about what this blog war was all about. To sum it up, a quote from DW “they call the holy wars of YHWH genocide”…Obviously. Anyone that believes God Instructed Moses in Num 31:17-18 is an idiot. Politics of OT priests, to justify violence. Even the priests couldn’t live together. The Aaron priests were backstabbing the Shiloh priests. Just like the democrats and republicans. Elevating their actions to actions directed by God is a mistake (“their” actions being priests, dem’s, or rep’s). Especially when it is transferred to modern times.

    1. Gary, that pretty well sums it up. Conservatives are now complaining that they are being bullied because we demand that women be treated equal as men.

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