Next Week: Recovering A Life with the NLT Recovery Bible

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Do you know someone with a fair amount of issues to deal with? Say, like alcoholism, or indeed, other addictions? What is the standard answer? They need God.

You know, I agree with you. But, as a friend of mine reminds me, prayer is great and wonderful but it needs action on our part. Yes, everyone, you and me included, need God, but equally so, you and me, friends, are the hands of God to this fallen world. Often times, you and I, my brother and sister, are the only images of Christ which fallen humanity will see.

The 12-Step and the 8-Step recovery programs are fine, I imagine, but reading them, I have found that while they tell the person to call upon a higher power in which to help themselves, they don’t provide solid Christian teaching. Now, some might object and say that they don’t need solid Christian teaching, and that’s fine, I reckon, but considering that my worldview is as it is, I believe that they do. But more than that, they need Christian compassion and Christian realism. Those trapped in addiction need help, not just being told to call upon a higher power, but introduced to The Higher Power and given help which, whether or not you know it, we were given in our addiction to the flesh.

Courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers, I will be reviewing the Life Recovery Bible. I will not review the translation, because if you read my blog for any amount of time you will soon know that I use and recommend the New Living Translation; however, I can examine the devotional parts. I intended to spend the next week doing so.

Warning: I don’t like ‘niche’ bibles. I find that ‘niche’ bibles often doing little to advance the cause of Christ. I will tell you, however, that after spending a few weeks with this bible, I was startled at the sometimes brutal honesty of some of the commentary, some of which made me blush.

I want to recommend it now, so if you get a chance, get it and give it, but I will spend next week highlighting some of the interesting material found therein, and finish with a review sometime after that.

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that not everyone who is mentioned in the bible was perfect and sometimes, well, remember Abraham? David? Peter? The Book of Judges?

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6 Replies to “Next Week: Recovering A Life with the NLT Recovery Bible”

  1. I use to volunteer at a recovery center where they gave those to everyone along with the Celebrate Recovery literature. I think the folks in recovery found the Bible very helpful. but that is anecdotal on my part.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Jeremy and James. I tend to be a ‘bible only’ type of guy, at least that is still my moniker. I am really impressed with the level of honesty with this one though, adding to the recovery (includes 12 and 8/Celebrate) plans biblical insight.

      Who knew that Songs of Songs was really about that.

  2. I think 12 step programs are about more than calling upon a higher power, for they include such things as taking a moral inventory, restitution, and service. But I can see your point that people may need some content to their higher power, and the Bible can provide that.

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