New York State of Mind

My good God… I had no words to express what I was feeling. Perhaps it is because I am a man and my emotional vocabulary is limited by a generational movement to prevent boys from crying. Or maybe because the anguish we should feel as a nation cannot be placed into words because of the viral way we speak. What words can come close to a state sanctioning the murder of a baby who, just moments before would play peek-a-boo through the stomach of the mother?

I remember when my first daughter was still in the womb. At night, as the pregnancy was approaching birth, I would often feel her push or kick me in the back. At times, I would push my finger into the womb and she would push back.

And now, New York has said that this is not a protected life.

Further, it allows non-medical providers to conduct abortions, among other things.

I still do not know what to say.

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One Reply to “New York State of Mind”

  1. Scenario –
    A day before the baby is due to be born, potential mother and boyfriend have a big fight. Boyfriend moves out. Woman freaks out, goes to midwife, and claims her mental health is in jeopardy. Midwife aborts baby. Net cost to mother, $0.00, since NY will provide free healthcare to everyone.

    I would tend to guess, just based upon my meager observations, that unwed mothers and boyfriends tend to have many fights over their time together. Thus, this scenario may become commonplace.

    I would hope that conservative activists would play the same game as liberal activists, only in reverse. They should immediately judge-shop for a conservative judge in some federal court, and file a lawsuit against this law. Then fight it up to the Supreme Court. As a violation of the civil rights of the baby – by the idiot parents.

    It would be interesting to see how New York UMC’ers would officially respond to this law, considering how “politically active” some of their members seem to be.

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