New resource to help Old Testament scholarship

New resource to help Old Testament scholarshipFor 3,000 years, The Old Testament has been analyzed and studied by the best Jewish minds in a devout effort to understand the Will of God and to fulfill his commandments. With the launch of KosherTube, this treasure trove of traditional insights into the Five Books of Moses, the Prophets, and the Book of Psalms, is now available for the first time in streaming video and in English.

The organisers say that Judaism’s commitment to the Old Testament, the Torah, has been misunderstood for many years. “Perhaps some of the blame lies with us or perhaps it is because the time of revelation was yet to come. But now we all agree the time is nigh. So, with the blessing of some of the most august Rabbinic authorities in North America, we created KosherTube, in order to help fill the Web with The Words of the Living God, as the seas cover the earth.”

At its core, KosherTube’s archives house 10 years of “Messages” and “Passages”, programming originally produced for the Rev David Mainse’s Crossroads Television System (CTS) based in Ontario, Canada. These shows focus on textual explorations of The Five Books of Moses, the Prophets, and Psalms including Messianic Prophecies.

Because of that, the programming has been specifically Christian, but a spokesman said that the site is about learning, about information and especially about understanding one another. “It is not in any way directed to leading folks from any faith to Judaism, which is strictly forbidden by the Code of Jewish Law.”

They say that there appears to be a deep thirst in the evangelical and broader Christian community for the in-depth Bible study that they have produced, and which is featured on KosherTube.

They add that the site is a safe place for families and children. “Nothing goes up on the site unless it is vetted and meets the standards set by our Rabbinic Advisory Board.

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