New Page: 4th Century Christianity

I have recently become interested in fourth century of Christianity, and will now devote a page to it. I have come to enjoy the interaction between Athanasius and my dear friend, Marcellus of Ancrya as well as the Eusebians, and the many councils associated with the final product of what would become the Trinitarian Doctrine.

I will focus on Marcellus of Ancrya as my primary target and allow for all the other people, places, and events to serve as a back drop as we explore his story and the events leading to the re-understanding of Tertullian’s formula, the interaction between East and West, and the final declaration of the ‘religion given to Peter.’

Much has been written about this most crucial hour in Church History, but I hope to provide a very fundamental(ist) view on the deliberations of the councils, especially Serdica, and the Tome of Damasus.

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