New NIV Text to be made Available Online – November 1

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Because this is a Press Release, I am posting all of it:

Biblica and Publishing Partners Zondervan and Hodder Announce Timing from
Lausanne Congress in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa – October 18, 2010 –Today, at the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, Keith Danby, CEO of Biblica, and Moe Girkins, CEO of Zondervan, announced that they have received the new update to the NIV from the Committee on Bible Translation.  Although the print form will not be ready for release until next year, they have decided to make the text available to view it online at  and beginning November 1.

“The NIV has become part of our culture – part of the shared experience of millions of people,” said Keith Danby, International CEO of Biblica. “This is the reason why we felt it was appropriate to make the update available online as soon as it was ready.  We’re responding to the desires of scholars, pastors and Christians across the globe who are eager to experience the updated text.”

“We’re thrilled to be able to share the text with NIV readers around the world in this way,” said Moe Girkins, President and CEO of Zondervan.  “The translation team has done an amazing job with the update and we’re excited to see people reading it and hearing God’s voice through it. It seemed especially fitting for us to share this news from the Lausanne Congress here in Cape Town because the shared purpose of this gathering, and of the NIV, is to reach more people with God’s Word.”

Zondervan serves as the North American publisher of the NIV Bible and plans to release the first wave of updated NIV products in March 2011. Hodder serves as the UK and European Union publisher of the NIV Bible.  Biblica, as the worldwide publisher of the NIV, is the translation sponsor and copyright holder of the NIV and a global Bible and resource ministry.

Updated NIV Text Available for Online Viewing November 1 « NIV Bible Update.

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