New Life Version

Byron has returned to blogging and brings us this fine post. I have this version on E-Sword, but never went into the history of it.

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I’ve come across a rather obscure version of the Bible called the New Life Version or NLV (a.k.a. New Life Bible). It is published by Oregon based Christian Literature International (their website). According to their website,

Christian Literature International (CLI) is a non-profit ministry dedicated to publishing and providing the Word of God in a form that can be read and understood by new readers and the well-educated alike… and at an affordable price. We invite you to learn how the NEW LIFE Version unlocks the treasures of God’s Word!

The particular version I have in my hands has a strip of native art wrapping around the front cover to the back. This is the edition that is apparently popular with Native Americans and Canada’s First Peoples. Here is a Canadian missionary group that uses this Bible.

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