New From @tandtclark: The International Theological Commentary (ITC) Series

The ICC is a staple, a long standing stable staple of scholastic studies. Glad to see this new series.

‘The ITC is intended to provide a theological complement to the ICC. The volumes will run similar lengths to their companion volumes in the ICC and will treat the text with the same level of rigor and scholarship. Contributors represent a broad ecumenical constituency, Protestant and Roman Catholic, who share a commitment to Nicene Christianity and the belief that the Bible is God’s gift to the church. Beyond that, there are no specific confessional requirements for contributors. Furthermore, the series does not demand a contrastive stance between “theological interpretation of Scripture” and modern historical criticism but instead welcomes a panoply of approaches to relating those ways of interpreting the Bible.’

Source: The T & T Clark Blog: Bloomsbury T&T Clark launches the brand new International Theological Commentary (ITC) Series…

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