New Biblioblog: Introducing Theatrical Theology

Wes Vander Lugt writes,

Anselm originally stated that theology is faith seeking understanding (fides quaerens intellectum). By altering this phrase to include performative understanding, I desire to emphasize that we should never be content with theology that merely provides intellectual understanding and a system of truths. Rather, theology is about knowing God so that we can live for God, understanding God and his communicative actions in history (the theodrama) so that we can faithfully respond to God and perform our parts in that drama. The goal of theatrical theology, therefore, is not just faithful understanding of the theodrama as presented in Scripture, but fitting performance in the theodrama. Theatrical theology seeks wisdom for correctly comprehending the truth and passionately performing the truth.

It is becoming more common for Christians to utilize theatrical models and metaphors to describe theology and the Christian life, and I have highlighted some examples in the recommended resources. I believe these theatrical metaphors have particular imaginative power enabling us to grasp the beauty, truth, and goodness of God’s life and to participate in this life. As such, theatrical theology is uniquely poised to integrate areas of Christian thought and life that never should have been separated, whether doctrine and life, theory and practice, contemplation and action, theology and ethics, orthodoxy and orthopraxy. It is my hope that reflections and reviews on this blog model this kind of integrative theatrical theology, and even more, that they motivate us all to perform the faith with wisdom in our particular contexts.

Introducing Theatrical Theology « Theatrical Theology.


Looking forward to it!

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