New Anglican Church poses dilemma

The Washington Times (here) has an excellent story on the upcoming establishment (official) of the Anglican denomination – the Anglican Church in North America. If you remember, this all came about because the U.S. Episcopal Church divided over the fact that the leadership allowed and then endorsed homosexuals in the ministry.

When 232 delegates to the ACNA convention at St. Vincent’s Cathedral in Bedford, Texas, approve the organization’s constitution and canons on Monday, Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan will become archbishop for this “emerging” 39th province of the communion, consisting of several groupings that have left the Episcopal Church over issues related to sexuality and biblical authority.

Seems to me, that this new province is following after the lines of the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America), in dividing the liberals and the conservatives from each other – meaning that the conservatives generally run.

Is that right? Should those who believe that they stand upon biblical authority run and surrender, or do they need to say and fight?

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2 Replies to “New Anglican Church poses dilemma”

  1. I’d have said “stay and fight” several years ago – but the conservatives were out maneuvered – they lost w/0 a punch being thrown.

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