Nepotism and the Church

I’ve seen too many instances of nepotism in the local congregation to believe that it is a good thing. No, I am not saying that families cannot help, but at some point, one has to realize that the dangers inherent to such a system outweigh their benefits –

A husband-wife team ministering together, doing a lot of the heavy lifting in a small church can be a beautiful thing. It can model a healthy marriage and the joy that comes from serving together. It can go terribly wrong when the relationship puts a stranglehold on ministry growth, for example, a pastor’s wife who runs the women’s ministry with an iron fist in order to ensure her position is never challenged. Who is there to remove the pastor’s wife from her role if she doesn’t do a good job?

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the parablelife: We are fam-ah-lee.

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6 Replies to “Nepotism and the Church”

  1. Nepotism? At Hillsong, Brian Houston is the Senior Pastor, as is his wife Bobbie Houston who also runs the women’s ministry Sisterhood. Oldest son Joel Houston is the music Creative Director and leads Hillsong United. Daughter Laura Toganivalu is the head of Marketing and Communications and is a youth pastor and son-in-law Peter Toganivalu is a youth pastor. Younger son Ben Houston oversees the Extension Services and until recently was the pastor for the Northern Beaches Extension Service along with daughter-in-law Lucille Houston.

  2. When a person is commended with a promise that was declared on my life by a world recognised spiritual leader,( she will become the greatest spiritual leader that the world would ever have had)Commended openly because of you work in Christ not seeking the approval of aman.Sattanic ring of agreement in churches to silence the truth.My title a threat to blood related relatives.Sheep fleeced , scattered, trampled ,damaged and extorted in the name of the blood related relative has wrought about Gods destruction of the world through punishments. The crys , the pleas the prayer of the slaughtered saints.A grave warning for the world!!!The book I am publishing in London title (The greatest spiritual leader that the world would ever have had)A stolen identity because of nepotism. EVIL MASTERMANIPULATION PLAN TO DIABOLICALLY EXTORT THE SPIRITUAL TREASURE OF AND DESTROY INNOCENT PEOPLE. My email for any comment or enquiry.

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