Neo-Nazis win in Greece

Greece’s Jewish community on Monday sent its members a laconic, factual e-mail. Without any interpretive adornment, the message conveyed a few dry facts. In elections staged on Sunday, the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party won 7 percent of the country’s popular vote – a tally twice the minimum threshold level required to send representatives to parliament.

via After elections, Greece’s Jews come to terms with neo-Nazi triumph – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.

Yeah… told you. Europe is going right-ward

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One Reply to “Neo-Nazis win in Greece”

  1. That’s because they’re seeing collectivism failing. When Europe came out of WW2, they had to choose between freedom or security. They chose security. However, I don’t think the Golden Dawn is offering freedom (I never knew Alistair Crowley was popular in Greece…)

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