Nearby Ancient Star Older than Creation

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miss universe – always from earth.

Understanding the principle of the speed of light is difficult for Young Earth Creationists, but since we can measure this remarkably stable instance, we know certain things — such as how old the universe is. There is also the standard law allowing for metal testing and the such. Because of these two things we can now know this:

A metal-poor star located merely 190 light-years from the Sun is 14.46+-0.80 billion years old, which implies that the star is nearly as old as the Universe!  Those results emerged from a new study led by Howard Bond.  Such metal-poor stars are (super) important to astronomers because they set an independent lower limit for the age of the Universe, which can be used to corroborate age estimates inferred by other means.

Nearby Ancient Star is Almost as Old as the Universe.

The interesting factor in this is that it is so very close to us, but so very old.

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