N.T. Wright, Scriptural Authority – The Beginning

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Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. (Mat 28:18 NLT)

And thus is the launching point of Wright’s book, in that he notes that Christ didn’t give authority to the books about to be written. He precedes these statements by noting that Christ had removed certain laws, especially the dietary rules and Paul and removed circumcision as a law. The author of Hebrews has removed much more and the author of Revelation, it could be contested, sought to remove Scripture altogether, or at the very least, determine what Scripture should be used as a witness to Christ and Community.

The book is an expanded edition of a previous  (UK) work, the Last Word. He has included two new chapters and case studies which highlight his intention of the way to use Scripture and to explore what authority it still retains after Christ.

While this notion that Scripture is not ‘all authoritative’ may be troubling to some, the fact remains that Scripture is second to Christ. Further, Scripture is never given the authority which is given to Christ, and is said to be ὠφέλιμος. Equally so, Christ never divests His authority to the books.

So, we begin…


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  1. I think a lot of the problem in the inerrancy debate, as a whole, is a morphing of the definition and boundary lines. Augustine coined it (as far as I can tell) and BB Warfield worked it out, and neither of them took Genesis, for example, “literally” (or at least didn’t think you had to). Some people “against inerrancy” and some all for it BOTH present a warped picture.

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