N.T. Wright on the Study of the Historical Jesus

Jesus, Paul, the People of God and N.T. Wright
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I have a few of the skeptical friends of which Tom speaks of, and I think that all believers should have in his or her circle a certain amount of doubt – it keeps us grounded. Personally, while some are arguing that the study of/search for the Historical Jesus is a theological waste of time, I find that it is just the opposite. Wright notes,

Lots of people fee all sorts of things very strongly. In order to know that you’re not just making it up, not fooling yourself – and if you don’t think that’s a danger, your skeptical friends out tot ell you – you must be able to say that this Jesus, who we know in prayer, this Jesus we meet when we are ministering to the poorest of the poor, this Jesus who recognize in the breaking of the bread, this Jesus is the same Jesus who lived and taught and loved and died and rose again in the first century.

I might would agree, however, that the Historical Jesus ceases on Good Friday, but the Christ of Faith arises on Easter Sunday. Maybe that is too clichish or somewhat wrong headed, but the Resurrection is of Faith, but penned to the communities which celebrated the real Jesus of Nazareth.

Anyway, I found the quote interesting. And the book even more so.

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