Mythicists Might Make me Buy Bart Ehrman’s book

“There is no serious historian who doubts the existence of Jesus” “No serious scholar who doubts…”

Thanks to James McGrath for this – who no doubt will have a great time…

I might actually, you know, but Ehrman’s book on this UNLESS JAMES MCGRATH GETS TO IT FIRST.

The radio host proves himself a dilettante.


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13 Replies to “Mythicists Might Make me Buy Bart Ehrman’s book”

  1. I read Dr. Ehrman’s book ‘Jesus, Interrupted’ and enjoyed it — it’s a lot less “scary” to (open-minded) evangelicals than it’s made out to be.

  2. Joel, this sort of hyperbole has no place in scholarship. There are scholars, quite serious, who doubt the existence of Jesus. Doubting should not be dismissed and condemned in Academia. Ehrman was quite wrong.

    1. Tom, don’t get me wrong… I don’t think doubting should be dismissed, but it seems that they have gone beyond doubting to affirming a conspiracy theory. I fully support historical agnosticism

    1. Thomas L. Thompson and Richard Carrier, to name a few. Though I’m sure if you ask around you might find some healthy doubt in a lot of scholars. They might lean towards ‘probably existed’ but that doesn’t negate doubt, now does it?

    1. His specialization is the Ancient near east, spanning all periods to late antiquity, and even beyond. He has held positions in Old Testament at Copenhagen, but he is qualified to speak on the whole. IN addition, he has published and will publish on New Testament subjects. Since his expertise is in exegesis, he is more than qualified to discuss the rewritten Bible, which is what the New Testament contains.

    2. However, just to be clear, Ehrman didn’t say ‘no serious NT scholar’ he said ‘no serious scholar’…Thomas Thompson is indeed a scholar of good repute. Nice try though.

      1. I think the “NT” bit can be assumed. Obviously he’s aware of octogenarian retired professors of German and septuagenarian retired professors of OT.

          1. “Spoken like someone ignorant.”

            Considering you don’t know anything about me, you’re the one making ignorant assumptions.

            “I think you’re wrong”

            Then perhaps you can point out where and why?

            “and I think you devalue the work of Thompson with your assumptions”

            What assumptions? You have yet to establish that. I stated that Thompson is an OT scholar in his seventies. Those are facts, not assumptions. I value his opinions about the historical Jesus as much as I value those of anyone else outside the field.

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