Mystic Mondays: From the 14th Century’s “Cloud of Unknowing”

You can get the ]] in a variety of translations and formats. As we move through it, I’ll try to post some of the history of it. For now, it is a 14th century English mystic book by an unknown author or authors.

The first chapter begins:

Ghostly friend in God, thou shalt well understand that I find, in my boisterous beholding, four degrees and forms of Christian men’s living: and they be these, Common, Special, Singular, and Perfect. Three of these may be begun and ended in this life; and the fourth may by grace be begun here, but it shall ever last without end in the bliss of Heaven.

Begun here… The author, and I’ve breezed through the rest of the book, seems to look to perfection that can be achieved, in an initial stage, but added too.

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4 Replies to “Mystic Mondays: From the 14th Century’s “Cloud of Unknowing””

  1. I love this work. I was first introduced to it in college (a very liberal, secular institution at that) during a course that was taught by two Carmelite monks called “Fire and Light: A History of Christian Mysticism.” It was the most popular course on campus by far, and for many students, it was their first in-depth introduction to Christianity.

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