Mystic Monday: Julian of Norwich, All Shall be Well

Short narration of selected lines from chapter 27 of the book by Mother Julian, medieval Christian contemplative: Revelations of Divine Love, the earliest known book in English written by a woman. These words are from the oldest Chaucerian-style manuscript.

The musical backing is the hauntingly lovely, rare middle 8 from the full length version of the Moody Blues song Isn’t Life Strange, played by the magnificent Moody’s Mellotron master maestro Mr Mike Pinder.

PS the famous phrase All Shall Be Well, is routinely credited to Julian, but if you listen, you will realise that she is in fact quoting a Higher Source!

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2 Replies to “Mystic Monday: Julian of Norwich, All Shall be Well”

    1. Gary, I think you are correct and it was something I missed. I’ll see if I can find another one. Also, for the month of Feb, I’ll be posting quotes from her Julian…

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