(My) Ways to fix the Electoral System

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Okay, so I’m doing this as a sort of confession…

In our men’s discussion group a few months ago, I mentioned my general feeling that the American experiment is going to die soon. I mean, look at the number of people eligible to vote, as opposed to those who do vote. Look at those who march and complain, but beyond that, never get involved in the political process. This will eventually lead to oligarchy… where the few are those who dole out the¬†impoverished¬†wealth to whatever group keeps them in power.

So, this is what I’m thinking.

  • We can take away the right to vote from those who do not contribute some form of property tax. To secure what “property tax” is, the Constitution must be written so as to allow that property can include vehicles and other things commonly associated to be property. Alternatively, one could pay a minimum tax in order to vote.
  • Also, or perhaps rather, fine people if they do not register to vote and then if they do not vote for several elections. Of course, there will be religious allowances made. Not a large fine, but something that will be mandatory. Like no driving license or something. After all, the roads are paid for by tax dollars and generally governed by elected officials.
  • Also, get rid of the the primary system which charges tax payers to institutionalize the two party system. Allow States to determine how they will select federal offices. Make it a non-partisan election as well. I envision this being done something like… one must have 1500 names on a petition and, say, 10% of the yearly salary to run. This just for federal offices. Think of it this way… a (fictional) congressional district has 400,000 people… are you actually telling me that only 2 people should eventually compete for that seat? Really? For President, same thing. We have an electoral college system that is absolutely genius. Let’s put it to work. By the way, this means that serious Presidential candidates would have to actually campaign in each state, or at least more than the 6 or 7 states they campaign in now. If they don’t reach the required 270, the House will get to pick from the top 3 candidates (determined by electoral votes).
  • The entire election cycle should be less than 6 months
  • No superPacs.
  • Saturday elections. Mandatory, employer paid, time off to vote. 2 hours. But, you must vote to get those two hours off.
  • Be willing, like Thomas Jefferson said, to change every now and then.
  • Also, the House should now be 4 years, and the Senate 8, with the President 6

Okay, there you go. Destroy me.

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7 Replies to “(My) Ways to fix the Electoral System”

  1. “Eventually lead to oligarchy” ??? Are you kidding, the oligarchy is already here and established.

    1) Making more people vote is necessary, but not sufficient. The information given in the mainstream media is wholly unsatisfactory, in many cases flat out wrong, in other cases irrelevant. They don’t actually talk about relevant issues. They keep the carnival going because they have a 24hr news cycle to fill. I have not heard a single substantive point from any candidate. I can attest that my vote does not count, on two grounds. First, I live in Cambridge MA. A republican candidate for president will never win this state (for Senators my vote does count, for Reps it does not, Cambridge will never go Republican (hasn’t been since 1940)). Second, none of the candidates represent me, they represent their monied interests. Why should I vote if the system is rigged and all the candidates are liars (Obama included)?

    2) Corporate money must be removed from politics. If you follow what Lawyer and Professor Lawrence Lessig has done (and others like Dylan Ratigan, and even Bernie Sanders) their #1 issue is getting money out of politics. Congress represents those who fund them for their election campaigns. Period. If that becomes the people of the US through publicly funded elections, then they will represent us. Right now, it is unequivocally corporations and rich individuals (through Super PACs that must be destroyed). See Newt Gingrich who is only still in the primary because of one casino owner. That is the only money he’s raised.

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