My Son is 7 Today!

He is a mini-me.

To all those, as I was growing up, who wished upon me the future of having a child just like me – they got their wish. Honestly, they could wished for something else – like to win the lottery or something. Geesh!

They also hoped that I would find someone to love me. I think that they were being sarcastic, but…. to be honest, I am a bit hard to deal with.

Seriously, difficult doesn’t begin to describe me.

And Landon….well…. Landon is just like me. He loves to annoy his sister. He has a smart mouth. He is rotten. But, you know, he has a heart. He is smart and likes to investigate.

He is seven today, so we will take him to Target to let him pick out his newest lego adventure. He’ll go out to eat tomorrow, of course, but this evening, he’ll go to Jump Street with a friend.

Anyway, just though I’d share.



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