My Son and The Icicle

It has snowed since June here, or rather, it has felt that way. In my opinion, I think it is time to go preemptive and kill all the groundhogs. February 1st 2011 is the deadline….

This is a picture I took this morning on our back doorstep. The snow was 6 plus inches, but we do live on top of a mountain. This was the longest icicle.

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12 Replies to “My Son and The Icicle”

  1. What a cute photo Joel!

    Glad you didn’t go the same route as the guy recently who used a blow-torch in an attempt to get rid of icicles and set his house on fire! AHA!!

    1. HA! No, ain’t going that route. I love fire, but not good with tools…although, I know from experience that blow torches make for great roasted marshmellows.

      We usually get a broom out and knock ’em down! These are nothing compared to the ones on the sides of mountains. Rounder than a big man and much taller.

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