My Sermon as a United Methodist – The Living Gospel

Below is the finalish version. I would assume that I am no different than most preachers who change things on the fly. But I stuck pretty well to this.

And remember, this is a class. I do not intend to preach and to be honest, after the next sermon, I seriously doubt that this will ever happen again:

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9 Replies to “My Sermon as a United Methodist – The Living Gospel”

  1. Very good. Are you sure you don’t want to pursue ordained ministry? I like the friendship with the gospel writers theme. Also, the running commentary in the foreground was pretty good, too.

    1. Thank you and thank you! Your kind words mean a great deal.

      No on ordained ministry! Not even a fourth thought every few hours since last night.

      I’m preaching again on Christ the King Sunday (Lectionary preaching assignment). And then, I’ll hang up the sermon writing for good. 😉

      1. Glad to be of help, though I only ever sent Bibles to bloggers upon their request, so you must have already been interested in those Bibles or in reading the NLT in general.

  2. Very good. A little disappointed you didn’t preach from your iPad. We need preachers like you. You’ve got the right information and don’t slow-walk us through a text. It’s a sermon, and not a Bible study. If it isn’t too ham-handed…amen, brother.

    p.s. I see your daughter talks through your sermons, too:)

    1. Thank you, kindly, Rev. Tiedeman! Actually, I may get to preach from the iPad on 25 Nov… if things go well. I may get to preach at the Sunday am service, all three services.

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