My Review of Fifty Shades of Grey


I don’t know what the fuss is about it. I found Grey quite enjoyable, seeing in the scheme the differences that really bring out the beauty.¬†Over all, I don’t know what the author is talking about. I didn’t count fifty:

2.1 White and Black
2.1.1 White
2.1.2 Black
2.2 Achromatic grays
2.2.1 Gainsboro
2.2.2 Light gray
2.2.3 Medium gray (gray (X11))
2.2.4 Dark medium gray (dark gray (X11))
2.2.5 Gray
2.2.6 Dim gray
2.2.7 Davy’s gray
2.3 Off-grays
2.3.1 Platinum
2.3.2 Ash gray
2.3.3 Battleship gray
2.3.4 Charcoal
2.4 Cool grays
2.4.1 Cool gray
2.4.2 Cadet gray
2.4.3 Blue-gray
2.4.4 Glaucous
2.4.5 Slate gray
2.5 Warm grays
2.5.1 Puce
2.5.2 Mountbatten pink
2.5.3 Rose quartz
2.5.4 Cinereous
2.5.5 Taupe

And what’s odd, they are looking to make a movie about it. I imagine it’ll be just as interesting as watching paint dry.

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