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Covenant and the UMC (Guest post by Joel L. Watts) | Via Media Methodists.

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2 Replies to “My guest post at Via Media Methodists”

  1. Don’t know much about UMC, other than they do not believe in inerrancy. Thus, OK with me. Why do I attend?
    Other than the inerrancy issue, I can walk to the church from my house in 5 minutes, and the people are friendly. Not exactly theological reasons. But Book of Discipline? I didn’t even know it existed before a few days ago. To become an official member, do you pledge allegiance to it? Baptism is a covenant? I did read that UMC considers any baptism good enough, so no additional baptism is necessary. Interesting. I was baptized originally as a Lutheran, at age 11 months. I don’t think I made any particular covenant, bilateral, or unilateral at the time, unless it was about diaper loaded/unloaded. So my conclusion, I don’t have to be a lawyer to go to church. I noticed that there is a new member class offered in church. I have not wanted to go, since I will probably find something I don’t like about the theology. I figure, if I pay tithing, I am a member. Other than that, they keep the sermon on Sunday sanitized from politics! That’s good enough for me.

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