My Only Post on John Calvin – Calvinism and Communism

Frankly, I am not going to take the time to write a post on John Calvin. (Dr. West is writing one every hour for twenty-four hours.) And others have written as well,

What is Calvin’s legacy today? For most, he evokes the most stern and punitive theology of groups like the Puritans, but the reality is far more complex and the legacy more far reaching. In this personal recollection, scholar Paula Cooey recalls wrestling with his vision of joy and cruelty in equal measure, noting that, in alongside his rigid and capitalistic descendants, sits a left-wing legacy among radical LGBT activists and some Marxists.

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I have a question that perhaps a Calvinist could answer – we hear about the Protestant work ethic. And we know who religious systems have evolved into government systems. Okay, great. So, why didn’t the ‘God foreknew everything’ of Calvinism, along with the rigidness, evolve into Communism?

Does it seem like a natural fit? If you replace God with the State, Communism aligns pretty well with Calvinism. Well, Leninism anyway. Where as God chooses everything before hand (this may not be accurate of all forms of Calvinsim, and even Marx once said, “Whatever I am, I am not a Marxist!”), the State under Communism does the same.


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