My Little NLT-Onlyist

Last year, about this time, we were in a local bible store when my daughter (now 7) saw a pink metal bible. It was the NLT. I had never really used the NLT – no, I had NEVER used the NLT, except with a passing glance of condescension. It was not stilted enough. Sure, I like Nida’s rules of bible translation, but come on, really? No thees and thous? On, ‘Yet ye Saiths?’ What am I to do?

So, I ‘vetted’ it for her. I found a remarkably well made translation, and as I progressed in my exploration of not just the NLT, but of Tyndale, I found people dedicated to the word of God. I found employees of a company who made time to listen to our erstwhile nonsense and complaints (even about halting production of the NLT Study Bible and inserting the Deuterocanon, an idea I maintain is a good one, but alas…) and welcomed input from those of us who use the bibles that they they make. But the bible translation itself is one which I like to read – which has become my primary translation – and one which I can use to speak to my children with.

It reaches both me and my children, and I believe maintains a direct link to the original Scriptures.

Because it was really my daughter who got me involved in the NLT, I decided to let her have a spot on the blog tour. Here she is, showcasing Psalm 23 from the NLT:


And, for those who enjoyed the first one, here is my dear daughter not understanding that simply because she cannot hear herself sing, in no way means that her parents cannot and will not make a recording of her singing loudly to showcase when appropriate.


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