My latest on @HuffPostRelig – Don’t read if you like me

Some, mainly Jim, will not like what is said. Of course, many will refuse to unpack what I’ve said and instead read it as a set-in-stone. Of course, Jim has sworn off reading Huffington Post, so whew… he won’t read it anyway.

Joel L. Watts: Finding a Christian Way Forward on Gay Marriage in the Things Unsaid.

The thing with theology… it changes. It changes due to time, information, context.

I am not ready to let loose our dusty old texts, but I would gladly limit them to the Christian sphere where they rightly belong. Indeed, I am convinced if we let loose these things that so fill our modern viewpoint, we would be groundless. But, that is another discussion for another time.

I am not convinced, given the advancements in understanding history, science, genetics, and the such, that we can continue to promote the idea that Scripture teaches against the modern definition of homosexuality. Just as there is a modern definition of marriage, there is a modern definition of sexuality. These things are different than what we read in Scripture.

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