My interview with Alex Tsakiris on the Skeptiko podcast

Biblical Scholar Joel Watts looks at what Christians don’t know about Christianity.

Source: What divides Christians and non-believers |290|

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  1. As far as NDE goes, that’s a tough nut to crack. Not saying that I don’t believe it is possible, but electrical activity in the brain can exist even if the brain shows no activity. A capacitor holds charge, even after the electrical battery is removed. A brain is so much more complicated. Memories can be generated, I suspect, post death. Simply 1’s and 0’s being sorted, rearranged, and saved with the stored capacity of the brain, as a capacitor. So NDE could just be vivid dreams created post death, and not real at all. Then, if the person is revived, a new memory of something that was not real at all. I have no idea how anyone could scientifically prove or disprove NDE as a reality, versus a dream. So I do not buy the statement, that it is proven that NDE’s have shown to be created after death with no brain activity present. That just means the EEG monitor sees no activity. But memories, I suspect, can be generated with super micro-micro low level joules of electrical activity, not detectable with a clumsy hospital EEG. But, I am not saying I don’t believe NDE couldn’t happen. I just am saying I don’t know. And no one can prove it is real. I think the commenter implied that NDE has been proven to occur after no electrical activity in the brain. That might be “no measurable electrical activity”. But I doubt if you can measure all electrical activity. It doesn’t take much to set a 1 or 0 in a neuron, I would think. And that’s not accounting for distributed electrical activity throughout the body. Got a nerve twitch of a frog leg after death, or a snake biting after it’s head is cut off. And we are much more complex (I think, or I hope – I make an exception for Congressmen and Senators).

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