My Gift to the Canadian Peoples on Canada Day. You are Welcome

Today is Canada Day. For that, I would like to give a gift which is equal to everything that Canada has given the world:

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18 Replies to “My Gift to the Canadian Peoples on Canada Day. You are Welcome”

  1. So wretched….yet so….wretched! Only one thing is lacking–you should have sung this while eating some pancakes slathered with good ol’ maple syrup.

  2. From the evidence in the above video I’m guessing you won’t be asked to join the worship team at your church any time soon…

    Desecrating the flag? For shame!


    1. How? You going to throw snow balls out way? Just in case you haven’t noticed, Scott, we started global warming as a surprise attack. You never saw it coming.

  3. Joel is so talented. He draws, he sings, he has a sense of humor…

    Well, actually, two of three…
    Okay, one of three…

    Alright, my mom taught to say nothing if you couldn’t say something nice. So…

  4. Canada — at least Montreal, I think — also gave the world poutine, which is the world’s greatest, most awesome, most artery-clogging junk food dish.

    I think you should sing it one more time.

  5. You have now been awarded your PhD in Computer Nerd. If you ever run for public office, you may see this video again.

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