My first abstract attempt #painting (is this really #art?)

No need to really give you all the lead up-to pictures.


I admit, I like blue and red. It creates a 3-d image, at least on my phone. Funny thing… so I see two angels/birds in here. That means I see the red as hell. The “bird” on the left now has a trumpet. The yellow, I guess, could be the gospel? Abstract art is weird and makes me feel funny.

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2 Replies to “My first abstract attempt #painting (is this really #art?)”

  1. Now, put it where you have to look at it every day and decide what you don’t like about it. Enough of this and you’ll eventually develop your own style.

    Don’t paint for others. Be true to yourself. Make the art yours.

  2. Nah..having just seen Noah, the red is the rock with all of Tubal-Cain’s relatives hanging on, just before being drowned. The yellow is a Watcher, having been released to light/spirit, enjoying the sights and sound (dah, “watching”). It’s obvious.

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