My fellow #Americans

American Flag
American Flag

My Fellow Americans:

After reading in a few news outlets that the students of a certain university (mush brains being mushed brained) are removing the glorious AMERICAN FLAG from their campuses to make it MORE INCLUSIVE, I decided, as an AMERICAN BY THE WILL AND GRACE OF GOD to write this as A FAVOR for all those tho go to extremes in this INCLUSIVE PURSUIT so they know that what foreigners may not want is exactly the purge of anything that indicates that they are indeed in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

When they went to the Consular Offices, or Embassies to get their visas to come to America, they stood in line, paid fees, sacrificed their time to proudly earn the right to come, not to a foreign country of any sort, but AMERICA!
When their write to their moms and dads, they proudly do┬ánot say, “I am in a foreign country” – rather, they say I AM IN AMERICA, proudly!
When their moms and dads, grandma, grandpa, tell their buddies that they have a son, a daughter, a grandson or granddaughter studying in a foreign country, they don’t simply say, a foreign country; they say “my….. is a student IN AMERICA, IN THE USA!
When these students write to buddies they BRAG about being, NOT in any foreign country, but IN AMERICA!
They may say whatever they say about America among themselves, but no one brought them here, it wasn’t easy to be here, it wasn’t cheap to be here, but they are here and THEY ARE PROUD OF BEING IN AMERICA!
So, this “inclusiveness” is because these students: (1) don’t know the mentality of a foreign; (2) they themselves are ashamed of being from a country where every other foreign is proud of being, or else they wouldn’t be here! So, “inclusiveness” is childish, disrespectful, disrespectful of everyone accomplishments, and disregarding of all the sacrifices involved to be here, in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. As a “former” foreigner whom God Blessed with the American Citizenship, I say, FLY THAT FLAG HIGH! REMIND ME EVERY MOMENT THAT I AM IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! You’re welcome!

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10 Replies to “My fellow #Americans”

  1. Haven’t seen it in the news. What university? Shouldn’t hurt to name them. Although students lowered many U.S. flags during the 60’s, protesting the Vietnam war. Not exactly a new idea.

    1. So probably just high Hispanic population protesting the crazy immigration status. UC Irvine isn’t exactly a hotbed for protests, although a public state University. UC Regents get the big bucks to deal with it.

    2. I must say, I was expecting hard left (like UC Berkeley), hard right (some University in Texas reacting to hard right), or some Catholic University (which seem to be more refuge oriented). UC Irvine is rather milk toast. Anyway, good post. No revolutions will ever come out of Orange County.

  2. More hysteria from the Yellow Elephant Brigade.

    The student body government the University of California at Irvine narrowly voted to ban ALL NATIONAL FLAGS from common areas. Among other things, the body cited “colonialism and imperialism” as reasons for the move.

    Meeting in closed session, the university’s executive cabinet voted to overturn the ban.

    Meanwhile, also citing American imperialism, students and activists removed the American flag from the University of Hawaii-Hilo’s main entrance. They’re demanding a second pole allowing the Kingdom of Hawaii’s flag to be flown at the same height as the American flag.

    Given how the United States acquired Hawaii, the islanders have a better case than the rightwing flagnazis.

    1. You’re right. The Hawaiians and Native Americans have good reason to complain. I would say UC Irvine are not flag Nazis. More like white bread, middle to upper class yuppy types looking for a cause to make them relavent.

      1. Very little was done to the Jews in the Third Reich that was not done first to Native Americans by the American government. Although my wife’s tribe was not directly affected by the Trail of Tears, she nonetheless harbors a deep and abiding hatred for Andrew Jackson. If she had her way, his face would not be on a $20 bill.

        Among the more galling aspects of American life is that many of the same “Hell no. we won’t go” crowd from half a century ago are now the respectable flag-on-the-label superpatriots more than willing these days to be brave with someone else’s life! I hate these a$$holes more than my wife despises Andrew Jackson!

  3. Just keep in mind, Orange County is the center of the Universe for California Republicans. Most of whom probably have manicured lawns, mowed by mostly illegal Hispanic gardeners, not to mention their maids. Nothing against the Republicans, but come on. Let’s not crucify their gardeners and maid, who are most likely earning below minimum wage.

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