My Faith

The question was asked of me recently when it was that I actually realized I had faith…I decided to answer in this way.

My faith was born in blood. Not the blood of Christ as you probably would expect, but the blood of a young lady when I was a young boy. We were walking back to her grandparents after watching a movie. She was shot and died on the street. She noticed the car and the gun men, I was to busy noticing her to see it. She died that I might live. She had “no greater love”. That is the day my faith was really born. My faith is in Christ and Him crucified as is my hope, but it didn’t start there. It started with one of His servants not with him.  Maybe I am odd, but I don’t think that my faith could have started any other way.

My faith grew as as a young adult in the blood of friends gone off to save the world. Friends who died that the Word of God might be spread to places like Afghanistan, China, North Korea, Pakistan, and the Sudan. Friends that believed that they not only could be a vehicle to change the world, but that they actually would be. With news of each death, the importance of the Word became stronger, not diminished. The need to share The Story became greater, not lesser. With each tear of sadness over lost friends came the blessed hope of Christ, and the joy of those who now believed. Eventually I would  go to similar places myself. Maybe I am odd, but I don’t think my faith could have grown any other way.

My faith became solidified in the death of my grandfather. Watching him suffer for numerous years with illness and helping to care for the one who had taught me nearly all that was important. The one who taught me the importance of prayer and the comfort that God can bring. In the hospital, around his bed with those grieving as he was nearing the end, my faith became solid when I realized what must be done. I grabbed his hands, and we prayed. Somewhere in that prayer he finally found peace. Interestingly enough, so did I. Maybe I am odd, but I don’t think that my faith could have been solidified any other way.

We need to understand that we should not be passing out pamphlets about God but rather be passing ourselves out as people of God. We need to realize that we don’t need to hand out bibles until we have lived the bible for those who would receive. We need to understand that before inviting people to church we should be inviting them to dinner, and lunch, and into our lives. I love the scriptures, study and read them often. Try to live them as well. That was not where my faith started. I love The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost, but that is not where my faith started. I love the churches I have helped in and the churches I only attended but they are not where my faith started. These things have refined my faith and helped it grow. They provided an incredibly useful base of knowledge of scriptures. My faith did not start there though.

I knew these words long before a 12 year old girl lived them for a 12 year old boy “Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his own life for the life of his friend”. They were words on a page. Beautiful, poetic and inspiring words, but still just words on a page. Then someone lived them, and they became so much more than words, they became a lifestyle. Maybe I am odd, but I don’t think a life based on any other words is worth living.


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  1. Nothing is quite as humbling as watching someone die, knowing there is nothing you can do to prevent the inevitable. This feeling is compounded with the knowledge that they did it to save you.

    At the same time, depending on the circumstances, the temptation for revenge can be overwhelming. That’s all too often the story behind events transpiring in places such as Mỹ Lai and Kandahar.

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