My Dream Gospel Parallel

English: Image of Matthew Chapter 13 paralled ...
English: Image of Matthew Chapter 13 paralled with the other Gospels – image 3. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There has been some discussion on Mark Goodacre’s blog about a recent Gospel parallel. Let me also mention Arthur Dewey’s recent work available from Poleridge.

What these parallels have in common are their use of all four Gospels, Thomas, and for a reason on God knows, Q. Poleridge – I can say this because I have it – also uses the Gospel of Peter and other various fragments.

This is a great asset, but they are missing something that I would love to see corrected.

And they have one thing that needs to have a stake driven into its heart – Q, but that is for another time. Oh yes, and that time will come.

Anyway, I would love to work with someone a Gospel Parallel that begins with Mark and moves chronologically through the rest of the Gospels explaining the differences in development. Why is it that Matthew expounds on Mark? Where is the M-material from? The L-material? The T-material? The parallel, then, would be a Farrer-Goulder-type trajectory.

Thoughts? Anyone want to work on this project with me?

Or any publisher what would want such a project?

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  1. I have been collecting evidence of Gospel trajectories and agree with Goodacre that Q must go. I’d love to be in on such a project, but I have no credentials. I can just send you information I’ve amassed, to add to the project.

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