My Daughter's new bible

As part of our daily lives and as a reading exercise we read the Bible. Abigael is 6 and does pretty well actually. Yesterday, while I was working, Joel and the kids went down to one of Joel’s favorite book stores, Bibles N More.

He bought Abigael the Bible you see pictured here. It the NLT metal Bible. And it’s girly and cute. She loves it and it has been a great motivator for her to like reading scriptures to us.

She picked Hosea 14: 3-5 (for reasons unknown to me) to read first and has been able to turn back to it on her own and re-read it to us. We are very proud of her and love her so much!

She thinks she alone purchased this Bible so don’t mention to her, that it was really Daddy : )

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8 Replies to “My Daughter's new bible”

  1. Thank, Rick. We started her on the NLT (The Book), but when she got this NLT she is now reading it on her own. I asked her if she read it in school today. She did not, but she was quick to tell me that she read it on her own time which indicated to me that she thought reading the bible was fun and her choice!

    She really likes it and it is readable for her and more than that, she actually wants to read it and try to understand it.

    It makes me a wee bit proud.

  2. Rick, she absolutely loves it. Maybe it is something about it being hers that she picked out or maybe it is something that she can actually read and somewhat understand. Either way, her daddy is extremely proud of the way that she is reading it and ‘protecting it’.

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