My Daughter on 1st Timothy

Over the past month, I have taken my daughter through 1st Timothy using the NLT (New Living Translation). This is her summary of our studies so far.

From here:

I am reading 1 Timothy in the Bible. Paul wrote this letter to Timothy. Paul tells Timothy to pray for everyone, even sinners. Sinners are people that do things that God doesn’t like, they do things the devil likes.   Paul said women should not draw attention to themselves by wearing gold or pearls or by the way they fix their hair. He said women should draw attention to themselves by the good things they do. Like by going to Church and doing nice things for people. If a girl sees trash maybe she could pick it up and that is a good thing people should do and loving Jesus Christ and having Jesus Christ in their heart.Also, doing good things for the Church and loving everybody in the Church family.

by Abigael

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