My Conservative Street Cred – Yes, that’s really me in the picture

Thanks to a dear friend who I had the fortune to reconnect with on Facebook, I now have conservative street credit to show:

I'm second from left in case you couldn't tell

That’s right, I was in JROTC in high school. In JROTC, I was commander of the Colo Guard. As commander, I was the one who carried the U.S. Flag ahead of the battalion. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that the ‘drill team’ was the real deal in JROTC. The Color Guard. I mean, look at us. We were lean(er), mean and a flag waving machine. Highly motivated and truly dedicated. Patriotic.

The young man to my left, Eric Lee, went to the Middle East, and from what I gather, lost a limb in the service of his country.

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    1. I had every intentions of joining the Navy out of high school, as it was my first and only choice, but things worked out differently that I had hoped.

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