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Christian as very well noted his changing views. Arguably, if you have read this blog for a while, you’ll not that I have changed some of my views since the very beginning.

Here are some of mine:

I grew up fundamentalist. Oneness, but not, ever, and I mean this, pentcostal and I mean that. You hear me, don’t call me a pentecostal. Period. I attended Southern Baptist Churches and it barely made a dent. Obviously I am neither. Now. Or ever again, thank God.

I am not an Emergent kinda guy either. I do like the Ancient Future bit and see great hope in it and in people exploring spiritual disciplines.

I hold a high Christology. I don’t care about Chalcedon. My Christology, however, is tempered by studies in Second Temple Judaism.

I am a Christus Victor who sees it accomplished, as I have noted, somewhat accomplished in the PSA. But, I am Christus Victor. However, I am not adamantly so, so as to think that one is inspired and the only biblical atonement theory.

Yes, I assent to prima scriptura. Scripture is first and highest, but I recognize without Tradition, Experience and Reason, we wouldn’t have the canon.

I am High Church. High Sacramentarian, at least for the Eucharist and the Sacraments.

I think that a lot of things are flexible. Some aren’t, but even in those, I would like to be able to admit that I may be wrong.

I think that theology is among the highest forms of spiritual disciplines, so like Christian, I like the Methodist hymns. And liturgy. And the Methodist Church.

My eschatology is ‘panmillenial.’

Hell is real. Hell will have individuals there – although I am not committed to the fact that Acts 3.21 is a fanciful dream or a hyperbolic expression. People who reject the image of God which the Incarnation sanctified deserve what they get. Yes, I am an inclusivist. Yes, I am a Wrightian-Bartian-Willimonian believer in the New Creation.

God help me, but I love reading the Reformers – Zwingli, Luther and Calvin. Not Edwards. Blah.

We have so abused – Left and Right – the Cross and the name ‘Christian’ in our country. We should pray about it.

I want to see Christian burn at the stake. No, wait. I’m sorry. I meant Jeremy. I want to see Jeremy burn at the stake.


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5 Replies to “My Changing Views”

  1. What is your current belief on what are the Sacraments? Do you accept there are others besides Baptism and the Eucharist?

    You believe in the Trinity. Amen!

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