More on the Mysterious Bible Language

Dr. Mariottini, a fine man indeed (I was fortunate enough to meet him at the blogger dinner), has also taken Mr. Greensburg to task (somewhat) over a recent editorial. (my post here)

His post is here. He concludes with,

The King James Version has a beautiful Elizabethan English that people love and a literary style that reflects the beauty of old English, an English than few people today can understand. On the other hand, modern translations of the Bible make an attempt at presenting a faithful reading of the Hebrew text in current English, even when the English of modern translations is not as sonorous as the English of the King James.

Be sure to check out this post as well, which is still one of my favorites from Dr. Mariottini. Read Doug’s take as well.

And for more insight into biblical translations, be sure to check out Dr. Joel M. Hoffman’s blog, here.

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