More Proof Congressman Ron Paul Isn’t Racist or White Supremacist


Make no mistake about it, arguing that the Confederate States of America were right in their cause does not make Ron Paul a racist or White supremacist. Contributing to Stormfront’s political conspiracy to invade the Domincan Islands could be seen as a mere rumor; that doesn’t give Ron Paul a racist bone in his body. Permitting racist newsletters written by someone else but is otherwise in your name is not racist. Arguing that the Civil Rights Act of `1964 (let alone still talking about it) is an act of violence against business people is again, not racist. Raising a son who basically said the same thing about the CRA 1964 does nothing in no way appeal to White Supremacists.

And you know what? Bring up the Civil War and why the South was on the right side of history surely is a sign that Ron Paul is reaching out to black people.

“In the video he claims that the North should have paid to buy slaves from southern slave owners to avoid the war, rather than the South renouncing slavery.”

There is no problem at all with Ron Paul arguing that the North should have paid the South to free the slaves. Nothing racist about that at all. How much were enslaved Blacks worth back then, $1000, give or take a piece? Maybe women may have been worth more, right, since they could have made more enslaved black babies? Ron Paul is pro-life, and he believes life is sacred, and you can’t put a price-tag on human life, that’s why he IS against the Civil War.

Human life sho’ is precious!

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For more information on Ron Paul’s anti-racism, please see the links throughout this post.

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